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Sep. 2017 : Patrick-Earl Barnes


ART IS HOW YOU THINK / Patrick-Earl Barnes


Kenektid X Gallery is proud to present "ART IS HOW YOU THINK" a solo exhibition of new collage and decoupage works by New York based artist Patrick-Earl Barnes. The exhibition will open with a reception on Thursday, September 7th from 6 to 8 p.m. and continue through Saturday, September 23rd.

"ART IS HOW YOU THINK" will feature the artist’s most recent works selected from five different art brands including LLC-STOREFRONTS, SHOTGUN HOUSE, ART OF FASHION, LIMOUSINE PRISON and ART COLLECTORS. The exhibition will recreate the streets of Soho in the gallery, where the artist has displayed his art for many years as a street artist.

As he freely shared his deep folk art with people on the street, he has learned many different dimensions of the world by observing as well as actively interacting with the audience. Through this, he has gained a remarkable amount of information on various views and exceptional insights which in turn has fueled him to continue to explore and create. The themed artwork depicts his imagination and interpretation of the unique world that he has experienced.

A self-taught artist, Patrick-Earl Barnes was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He spent the first 25 years of his life preparing for the American dream, and the next 27 years redefining it. He gave up everything to dedicate himself to his art full-time in 2000. He mainly creates collage and decoupage with found objects
such as fabric, wooden vegetable boxes, papers, etc.

His work has been exhibited worldwide including New York, Bermuda, Germany, Maryland, Sweden and Spain.

ART IS HOW YOU THINK / Patrick-Earl Barnes

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Store Front Series

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ART IS HOW YOU THINK / September 7 - 23, 2017

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