Oct. 2018 : Recycling Is Culture




Recycling Is Culture

“Enjoy Art, Enjoy Recycling and Enjoy the Culture!”

KENEKTID X GALLERY is pleased to present 'Recycling Is Culture', a group exhibition of 8" x 8" square artworks by young artists in New York. This exhibition is part of KENEKTID Inc.'s first environmental campaign, 'Recycling Is Culture.' It is a long term project that started with an online open call, will continue with an offline exhibition at the KENEKTID X GALLERY, and finishes with the publication of an art book of all selected artworks. The artists participating in the campaign and the exhibition worked with the theme of recycling and also followed guidelines provided by KENEKTID Inc. In each piece, the artist presents an image of a waste object, identified by its respective recycling category and incorporating the recycling color code in their work.

It’s no secret why recycling is important. We all know that oceans have miles and miles of garbage floating, and our planet is filled with the waste that we create everyday. Earth has been suffering tremendously with our overflowing landfills and it increases harmful emissions that disrupt our ecosystem and decrease natural resources for us. We are very well aware of the fact that this vicious cycle must be stopped so that we can preserve this planet for future generations. However, how many times have you stood in front of recycling bins? Do you honestly know how and what to recycle?

The exhibition 'Recycling Is Culture' shows the possibility of recycling being recognized as a culture of life and the concept and the action of recycling becoming more familiar to the public. The exhibited artworks contain information about what to recycle and how to sort our recycling according to NYC Department of Sanitation’s residential recycling guide. The ‘Recycling Is Culture’ exhibition is a tool for the public to self-educate themselves in an enjoyable atmosphere. This exhibition visually emphasizes the importance and the effects of recycling thereby regenerating the public’s interest and willingness to participate in recycling in their daily life.

Sponsored by Caffe Vita