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Mar. 2017 : Hyewon Park, Kristen Doetzkies


INNER ESCAPE / Hyewon Park & Kristen Doetzkies


KENEKTID X GALLERY is pleased to present its introduction exhibition of artists, Hyewon Park and Kristen Doetzkies.  This exhibition, Inner Escape, features photographs that share a glimpse into the infinite being of three women.  Hyewon Park's self portraits take us to fantasy like places where her body brings form to her inner most desires and subconscious sorrows.  Kristen Doetzkies' portraits of her grandmother and sister observe anticipatory grief and intellectual disability. Feminine intuition and the child within guide us on a gentle escape to where true happiness, strength, and freedom can be found.

Hyewon Park searches for an atmosphere that allows her to create self portraits without any interruptions.  The moment she enters the frame, she becomes sculpture like as her instincts motivate the new compositions of space.  Self-portraits are Hyewon's way of communicating with herself and expressing the curiosity of the unconsciousness.  This series of self portraits show her playful imagination and are sequenced to visualize the stories of her mind.

Kristen Doetzkies lifts her camera in an attempt to ease tensions with time.  The portraits of her grandmother are from a series, Ich Kann Nicht Mehr, that explores the forbearance of her grandfather's death and the use of time to grieve.  When faced with fear of the unknown, an unspoken understanding is expressed as her grandmother takes comfort in the subtle occasions where her attention is turned inward.  The vulnerability and innocence of Rachel, a 36 year old woman with an intellectual disability, is deceivingly masked by her desire for independence.  The most prevalent complexity is Rachel's ability to be a nurturing woman while having the escapism of a childlike mind.   

INNER ESCAPE / Kristen Doetzkies

Ich Kann Nicht Mehr

Fragility occupies my thoughts and influences my need to preserve time and memory. I lift my camera in an attempt to ease tensions with time while a lingering uncertainty emphasizes caution and slows our days.
Ich Kann Nicht Mehr is a photographic series exploring the forbearance of my grandparents and the use of time to grieve. The title is a statement my grandfather often repeats and translates to English as, “I can't anymore.” Reluctant to share this accepting mindset, my grandmother teaches me a valuable lesson on when to cope and when to evolve.


Not Lost On Me

My sister, Rachel, is a 36 year old woman with the emotional maturity level of an adolescent.
Her most prevalent complexity is the desire to fulfill a nurturing role as a wife and mother while having the escapism of a childlike mind. With this continuing work, I try to investigate the vulnerable position her intellectual disability puts her in. I search for a better understanding of Rachel’s perception.


INNER ESCAPE / Hyewon Park


INNER ESCAPE / March 23 - April 7, 2017

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