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KENEKTID X GALLERY is an art gallery brand of KENEKTID Inc.




Like our slogan, ‘Everything is Konnected’, everything has already been connected with us. The consumption of tab water that we use in daily basis can dissolve the Arctic glaciers and destroy the life of polar bears, and the smile and the kindness that we deliver to homeless today can give them motivation to live their live with stronger will. Just like these examples, a single influence can lead to unexpected results in our connected environment. Kenektid focuses on recreating and connecting bright cultures that can save people. And we believe that, even if only one of us is able to rise, this influence will create a bridge to another person and will continue spreading to many people which will allow them to gain the strength to live.




Kenektid has been looking for something worth spending our energy on until the day of death, and that is saving people through culture. Culture is wide and universally exposed to everyone. Culture sometimes has the power to kill or to save people. Kenektid wants to bring life into a culture that is closely tied to us and restore it to a culture that can save people. We believe that we can help people from depression, stress, sadness and pain by showing them a hope of light, which is nothing different from a doctor who saves life by curing a disease. We express the value of life through a culture that balances the function and aesthetic value, and will continue our infinite challenges through healthy processes.




X is where heaven meets earth, and where people meet people
X symbolizes collaboration. Kenektid acquires synergy by working with variety of people
X symbolizes rejection of reality. Kenektid continues to face infinite challenge by rejecting the wall of impossible.
X symbolizes connection. Kenektid connects bright energy to everything
X symbolizes love. Kenetid is not possible without love



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