About the Campaign


About ‘Recycling Is Culture’ campaign



Hello, my name is Ilrae Kim. I am an industrial designer and the Founder, CDO of KENEKTID Inc.

KENEKTID Inc. is a Creative Collaboration Projects Agency, which is located in New York City. We are a startup company, currently running a gallery and a photo studio, where various artists can join to create a culture that raises the value of life. Specifically, we are aiming towards a new perception that can change the behaviors of the people around us but preserving our individual background by utilizing the art and design culture.

Background Story

As an industrial designer, who have worked in the field for more than 10 years, I have made countless objects and products for various companies. I had always felt a great pleasure in creating new ideas and designs, but on the other hand, I’ve always had skepticism when creating unnecessary products just for the brutal competition in the nature of design companies. I was questioning the intent and the morality of mass-producing redundant products and reached to the point to ask about my own existence and direction as a designer.

In order to make my life morally valuable, I had to dramatically change my perspective on the meaning of life. I realized that an individual’s minor action can greatly influence others. I started to question how to utilize my ability to positively influence the society and ended up with our collaborative projects agency, KENEKTID Inc., which follows the objective of giving positive influences by using positive solutions.

Just like how Steve Jobs combined the major functions of computer, internet, and phone to create iPhone, I am looking to combine various creative abilities of artists and designers and the devoted heart for humanity to raise the value of life of people around us.


The current project that KENEKTID Inc. has been working on is named, ‘Recycling Is Culture’. How many times have you stood in front of the recycling bin? Do you honestly know how and what to recycle? There are many types of garbage so naturally people lack understanding and interest towards recycling. In order to regenerate the public’s interest and the willingness to understand, I had no doubt that the influence of art can help the community to lead the culture and visually emphasize the importance and the effects of recycling.

Therefore, we are aiming to collaborate selected artists of KENEKTID Inc. and various artists from around the world to produce artwork that consists information about recycling method of NYC and share with the public to self-educate themselves in an enjoyable atmosphere.

The artworks created by the artists who have joined ‘Recycling Is Culture’ campaign and these artworks will be advertised in KENEKTID X GALLERY, alongside to posting on our Instagram, KENEKTID X EARTH. Our goal is to have three in one effect: one, to educate people about the colors; green, blue, and black, which represents the types of recyclable objects; two, to simply enjoy the creative interpretations of the artists, and three, to introduce and promote artists to the eyes of the public.

Why ‘Recycling Is Culture’?

The NYC Department of Sanitation is committing to sending zero waste to landfills by 2030. To support this mission statement of DSNY, we have to create a mass culture that people can easily access to. Culture is how people communicate and connect with one another. Culture is our way of life. Through it, we can influence the world by actively engaging us as individuals and the society as a whole.

We are looking to be the catalyst for the mission of DSNY, by making recycling part of our culture in our daily lives. New York itself is already a culture, and we sincerely wish that the recycling system of New York City can positively influence other cities around the globe.

Upcoming Events

  • Free Open Call: October 1, 2018 ~ January 31, 2019.

  • The First Group Exhibition: October 18 ~ 31, 2018.

  • Publishing ‘Recycling Is Culture’: November 1, 2018 ~ January 31, 2019.

  • The Second Group Exhibition: February, 2019